Club News

Hospice of St Francis Berkhamsted

 21-Dec-2021  Website Editor


I am not sure if there is anything more pleasurable than assisting a charity in one way or another.

It is therefore extremely pleasing that during this 2021 season we have not only collected but donated to such a worthy cause the sum of £1,648.00.

Thank you to everyone who organised, donated and took time to be involved. Let’s see if we can take this to another level in 2022 for our next Captain, Alan.


Bowls Manager

 15-Dec-2021  Website Editor

The upgrade of the current Potten End website to Bowls Manager will be completed in 2022 when all members will be invited to login and review their account.

The upgrade will allow Potten End as a Club to compete with other Clubs in attracting new members as well as making life easier for players and Club officials. The new online system replaces the current paper team sheets and provides:

  • A new look website for the Club.
  • Allows for a secure members login to confirm availability.
  • Save hours for team selectors.
  • Allows instant confirmation to players and reserves by email.
  • Avoids confusion by letting players know where and when they are required.
  • Allows players to cancel online with instant notifications to team captains.
  • Updates players on their competitions.


The system does not stop there, the updates in 2022 will extend to:

  • Green team
  • Bar
  • Catering

This will enable the Committee to ensure that no one is overburdened and that everyone is getting a fair number of games.

Currently three members are Superusers and in 2022 those needing access such as Captains, membership, fixtures, and green team will be receiving their training so they can update the programme as we go.

The Committee members will then be trained and tasked with ensuring all members are able to use the system. Those without a computer are catered for and will get access within the Club and again training.

The feedback to date from members has been extremely positive, in particular the ability to sign up and confirm matches from home.

AGM 2021

 14-Dec-2021  Website Editor


Held on a bright Sunday morning the AGM was attended by circa 40 people and the highlights were as follows:

Lesley and Steve, the Club captains, confirmed that generally the season had gone well and particularly in the following external competitions:

  • Winners of Dacorum Shield
  • Winners of Ladies’ County league West Division
  • Finalist in Men’s County League West Division
  • Annie Finalist in Watford & District Champion of Champions
  • Finalists in the Watford & District Friday League.

Annie Rowe receiving the Ladies’ West Division County League Trophy on behalf of Potten End Ladies’

With our usual early May Open Day combined with Bowls England Open Weekend, we attracted 20 new members.

All positions were filled, and the new website will launch in 2022 showing a full list.


New team 'Hit the Roof'

 13-Dec-2021  Website Editor

At the AGM in December 2021 John Heron and Eddie Rochford agreed to lead and support each other with the maintenance and supervise the much-needed team.

Alan Howling informed them he had already undertaken the rounds and would provide them with a list of works. The most important being a leak in the shed roof which if not undertaken as a matter of urgency could cost the club dearly.

The shed which had been re-felted in the last 5 years, now has a new ribbed bitumen roof thanks to the knowledge and assistance of Peter Lewis who had undertaken a similar job at home.

Thank you team and we look forward to seeing and hearing updates on all projects you undertake this winter and assistance you receive.


PEBC – Defibrillator

 07-Dec-2021  Website Editor

Congratulations one and all.

A special thanks to the committee and in particular Maggie (Health and Safety) as our newly purchased defibrillator is now installed and operational.

Positioned on the wall outside the kitchen and registered with the Ambulance Service. The box is locked and accessed with a code which is posted on the wall adjacent to the telephone or if inaccessible can be obtained from the ambulance service when calling.

Although the device provides verbal instructions as you open it, in addition it is planned that further training on both CPR and the Defibrillator will be available for anyone interested once the current covid situation is under control.

A big thank you again, let’s hope we have no need to use the device.  However, if we do the patient knows that our trained membership will be there to assist any emergency.


Potton End Presentation Evening 2021

 13-Nov-2021  Website Editor

Our chairman Maurice along with ladies Captain Lesley present the ladies two wood triple trophy to Maggie Martindale, Coral Maycock, Annie Rowe

Friday 12th November 2021 saw the annual awards ceremony take place at Little Hay Golf Club. The evening was superbly supported by 48 glamorous members who enjoyed our Chairman and Captains present the winners with a multitude of prizes. The event saw 20 internal competition winners and 23 different Club members as recipients.

Next year’s event is already being planned and reserved for Friday 4th November 2022 at the Little Hay venue. 

Men’s over 65                                     Steve Wilson

Ladies’ over 60                                    Karen Baxter

Men’s Clubman                                   Eddie Rochford

Men’s Novice                                      Barry Drake

Men’s Triples                                       Rob Callaghan, Keith Gissing, John Linton

Ladies’ Triples                                     Linda Burfot, Maggie Martindale, Doreen Pike

Men’s Pairs                                          Alan Jones and Colin Sallery

Ladies’ Pairs                                        Linda Burfot and Janice Cheshire-Burke

Mixed Australian Pairs                       Sandra Clark and Steve Wilson

Mixed Pairs                                         Linda Burfot and Steve Wilson

Open Club Singles                              Steve Wilson

(Played as a mixed 7up competition)

Men’s Two Wood                                Ken Delagua

Ladies’ Two Wood                              Annie Rowe

Ladies’ Two Wood Triples                  Maggie Martindale, Coral Maycock, Annie Rowe

Husband and Wife                             Carol Eaton and Barry Drake

Men’s Championship                          Eddie Clark

Ladies’ Championship                        Annie Rowe

Friday Night Aggregate                     Ken Delagua, Eddie Rochford, Richard Rowe

Mixed 4’s Competition                       Keith Gissing, Doug Howard, Shirley Miller, Rob Rodway

Fred Hawley Cup                                Keith Gissing